Meditations for Busy Moms

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Meditations for Busy Moms

You love your kids and you're not a grouch. But you do value order and like some sense of control over your time and your environment. Author Sandra Drescher-Lehman has been a parent long enough to voice the utter exhaustion that lies beyond the glow of cherubic infants and charming toddlers. She hates whining and houses that dissolve into chaos. She gets undone by pre-dinner tensions and bickering siblings. She's been withered by the temptation to list all she's accomplished on a day spent at home with her kids. She's caught herself drawing comparisons with the tidy, artsy mom down the street. But for all those moments, including the time she looked at her kids and wistfully imagined their parents coming to pick them up and spirit them away, she furnishes a brief meditation.
Drescher-Lehman offers a spot of peace, a redefining angle on the disturbance at hand, a pause to steady the rumpus. Moms will find renewed energy from these short, daily meditations. Drescher-Lehman stands right beside you. She's an adult friend, but she only stays a minute!