Farmhouse Fresh Shea Butter Hand Cream

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These Steeped Milk Lotions are a thicker consistency than our Body Milk Lotions, plus they have a velvety smooth feel you will adore! 97% natural, and like all FarmHouse Fresh Products, Buttermilk Lavender Steeped Milk Hand Lotion is Paraben & Sulfate free.

Coconut Cream Scented with notes of heavy cream & fresh coconut.

Fluffy Bunny Scented with mint-julep, cream and just a hint of lavender.

Hello Yellow Scented with natural vanilla and citrus oils.

Honey- Chai Steeped Milk Lotion scented with clove, honey and sultry organic cardamom.

Marshmallow Melt Scented with a marshmallowy light, all natural blend of tonka bean and sandalwood for a scent that is sophisticated yet delicious.

Moon Dip Scented with a light milk-oat scent... the stuff of dreams.

Pink Moon Scented like a dreamy Texas night sky with a soft powdery note and a little spun sugar and licorice.

Rainbow Road Scented with a light, uplifting blend of coconut and Bartlett pear to instantly transport you to a sunny place and lift your mood.

Sunshine Silk scented with a sunshiney boost of citrus hydration

Sweet Tea Scented like a southern sweet tea with peach, ginger, and white tea - a vibrant juicy treat.

Whoopie! Cream Scented with scrumptious white velvet cream and moist layer cake, it is hard to resist as a start to each morning... or as a sweet farewell to each day.

Velvet Sunday Scented With soft notes of cinnamon sugar and cream, skin drinks up our house-grown organic heirloom cucumber extract blend with shea butter and vitamin E.